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Assemblée générale 2019 General assembly








Cette année, l’Assemblée Générale de Vosh Santa Cruz aura lieu à 16h le 1er juin au Centre Régimbald à Granby.

Les cliniques se dérouleront du 31 mai au 2 juin

Si vous assistez aux cliniques, il faudrait envoyer votre inscription assez tôt, puisque nous devons réserver les chambres à l’avance.

Nous allons souligner le 20ème anniversaire de Vosh Santa Cruz le samedi 1er juin lors de l’assemblée générale. Au mois de mai en Moldavie, ce sera notre 70ème mission et nous allons dépasser les 200 000 patients reçus par Vosh Santa Cruz.

Merci à Julie Jalbert pour le logo

Cliquez ici pour télécharger la fiche d’inscription



Voici les photos de la 200 000ème patiente lors de la mission en Moldavie:

This year, the General Assembly of Vosh Santa Cruz will be held June 1st at 4 pm at Centre Régimbald near Granby.

The clinics will take place from May 31st to June 2nd

If you attend clinics, please register as soon as possible, so we can book the rooms.

We will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Vosh Santa Cruz on Saturday June 1st, during the General Assembly. The Moldova mission in May will mark our 70th mission and we will be receiving our 200,000 patient.

Thanks to Julie Jalbert for the logo

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Bonne année 2019 / Happy New Year 2019

Un petit mot pour vous souhaiter un Joyeux Noël et une heureuse année 2019.

Grâce à l’implication de tous, nous avons pu rendre une meilleure vision à
de 12 796 personnes et envoyer 150 000 lunettes à d’autres groupes pour
distribution en 2018.

Nous avons acceuilli la réunion annuelle de Vosh International
au mois d’octobre 2018. En espérant que 2019 nous offrira de nouvelles
occasions pour servir les plus mal pris de nous.

A few words to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.

Thanks to the cooperation of many, we were able to give a better eyesight to
12,796 and send 150,000 eyeglasses to be distributed by other groups in 2018.

We have hosted the International Vosh meeting in October 2018. Hoping that 2019 will offer us other occasions to help those in need.

Pierre Labine

Merci / Thank you

Pierre Labine,

Le 16 octobre 2018/October 16th 2018

Salut à tous et en particulier aux personnes qui ont contribué directement pour faire de la réunion de Vosh International chez nous un succès!! Nous avons eu beaucoup de félicitations de la part des gens que nous avons accueillis lors de cette réunion internationale, avec la présence de personnes du monde entier. Je m’excuse du délai pour ce message, mais Alicia et Gustavo sont repartis ce matin et seront là pour accueillir le groupe du mois de novembre au Mexique, ce qu’ils font déjà depuis près de 20 ans. 

Je veux surtout remercier les personnes qui ont aidé à organiser l’accueil, le vin/fromage à l’université, ainsi que l’accueil à l’entrepôt dimanche matin. Je vous transmet le message de Nathalie Venezia, la responsable de Vosh International (voir section en anglais).

Encore une fois merci à tous,


Hello to everyone, in particular those who directly contributed to making the welcoming of the Vosh International meeting a success! We received many accolades from those who attended this international meeting from all over the world. I am sorry for the delay in sending out this message, but Alicia and Gustavo left this morning and will be in Mexico to welcome the group going to the mission in November, as they have done for nearly 20 years now. I wish to especially thank all those who contributed directly to organizing the wine and cheese Friday night and the welcoming of Vosh International Sunday morning at the warehouse. I am  forwarding you the message we received from Nathalie Venezia, the director general of Vosh International.

Once more, thanks to everyone,


Dear Pierre, Joel, Claude and the members of VOSH-Santa Cruz, 

I wanted to send you all a heartfelt thank you and sincere appreciation for everything you all did to help make the VOSH Annual Meeting a success. 

Thank you Pierre, for sharing your parish rooms with us for our Friday meetings. They were spacious and comfortable and we all felt welcomed and well fed! 

The Friday evening reception was lovely, with delicious local cheeses and good wine. We appreciate your generosity and warmth. Even when we could not speak the same language, they kindness of all of you was evident to each of us. And it was a treat to see the optometry school.

At the meeting on Saturday, the group enjoyed your welcome comments and especially those in French. Thank you also for facilitating the addition of Gustavo (and his mother) to the Agenda. It reminded us once again why we all do this.

And to top it off, we were all impressed and inspired by your warehouse! It was organized, well equipped, progressive and had an endless supply of doughnuts too! 

VOSH is a special organization, as we all know, and I am proud to be a part of it, particularly when we have chapters such as yours.

I am proud and humbled to call you my friends and look forward to seeing you in Orlando at the next Annual Meeting, if not before. 



Missions 2018 missions

Missions 2018:

Guatemala départ le 14 février

Pérou départ le 2 mai

Moldavie départ le 27 mai

Équateur départ le 15 juillet

Mexique départ le 26 novembre: optométristes, opticiens et bénévoles bienvenus

Fiche d’inscription obligatoire pour participer aux missions

2018 Missions:   

Guatemala departure February 14th

Peru departure May 2nd:

Moldova departure May 27th

Ecuador departure July 15th

Mexico departure November 26th : ODs, opticians and volunteers welcomed

Mandatory registration form to participate in missions

University of Waterloo student testimony

VOSH SANTA CRUZ was an absolute amazing experience! Being able to help so many people in the Guayquil and Cuenca communities in Ecuador was inspirational, and rewarding. Some patients came into the clinic simply wanting to be able to read their books again and it was incredible to see their faces light up when our team helped them with their visual problems. There was no shortage of great chemistry between all team members from Waterloo, Montreal, Texas, and Calgary!

The clinics treated us very well with provided meals (their specialty was cassava cheese bread), and we got fully immersed in the culture of the Ecuadorians at the Corpus Christi festival! It was remarkable to see a different culture and way of life, and a little bit of danger from the fireworks was all in good fun!

I would certainly recommend this trip to all optometry students as its an experience of a lifetime with your classmates and new found friends. Overall you get to showcase your clinical skills, see diseases first hand, and learn!

Stuart Bennett,
University of Waterloo optometry student

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